Ecostore Lemon Cream Cleanser Review (for bathrooms, not faces!)

I make my own cleaning spray, 50/50 vinegar and water. It works. And it’s SO boring. I always want more cleaning products, even though I don’t need any: I guess what I want is to buy one of those magical looking bottles and then have animated people from the commercials leap out and clean the house for me. (Mr Muscle man*, I’m thinking about you.)

But… most cleaning products are a) expensive, b) no more effective than vinegar and water, c) tested on animals, d) full of more chemicals than a mad scientists labratory, or e) all of the above. So, I keep on shaking and spraying my homemade cleanser.

This week, I treated myself to another Eco Store product- a lemon scented cream cleanser. Anticipation!


And it has a photo of a toy in a sink. Marketing genius 😀

It smells nice: softly lemony. It looks pretty: pale pink. It’s not tested on animals, is GE Free, and “contains no toxic petrochemicals, optical brighteners, chlorine, synthetic dyes or perfumes.”  Alllriggghtt!  But… does it work?

Click to enlarge for ingredient list!

Why yes, yes it does. Beautifully. For me, the best bit was the lack of water – my cloth was damp, but not soaking. With the spray cleansers there ends up being a heap of liquid everywhere, so wringing and mopping become the norm. With this one you just stick to the scouring, and the cleanup just happens. It dealt well to the soap bits that get left in the soap pan, and the blue tinged sink from the copper piping.

So, I think this was a good treat purchase, and I’ll continue using it! I’ll also continue using the spray, especially for the shower/ bath – where you need the extra water a bit more. I like this product, Ecostore! Thanks!  This was purchased at Countdown, but again their online store is

*Incidentally, why are most animated super-cleaning heroes male? Wishful thinking? Or just the shock factor of seeing a male cleaning?! Can we cry false advertising on this, or not? (no offense intended to the clean and tidy males out there, and the men who do an equal amount of the chores. Yep, all four of you. I’d buy you a beer.)


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