China Glaze Make Some Noise + Sparkles Pedicure

Ok: fair warning. Here are some toes. They are my toes. I like my toes (they help with walking, a LOT!), if you don’t- thats cool; don’t look! If you like toes too much, please don’t look. However, I had China Glaze Make Some Noise as my pedicure colour for a week – which I loved. Bright colours! Nice!

And, on the way out the door on St Patricks day I thew a thin coat of Color Club Gingerbread over them – which is a gorgeous gold and holographic glitter. And look what it did!


It completely made them an orange based coral colour. I don’t think I like it quite as much with the glitter on, just because I love the deeper tone of Make Some Noise so much, but the glitter certainly does have appeal. Party time!

Anyway, thats it. Oh, that and I LOVE these shoes. They’re my only really nice pair of shoes: I bought them in Wellington on my one and only girls day out with my sisters, and I think of my awesome sisters and that day out whenever I wear these shoes.


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