Innoxa Skin Sensitive SPF 15 Moisturiser review.

This was an Innoxa moisturiser I bought from Trade Me, but I believe they can be bought at Farmers, too. I’ve wanted to try their products for a while, they do not test on animals, and seem to be a trusted brand.

This is Skinsensitive – Daily Moisture Protection SPF 15 for sensitive skin. The package states it is 100% fragrance free, ‘dermatologically tested’, and with ‘allergy tested sunscreen.”‘. Nice, simple packaging, see?

All the ingredients are on the packet, and the tube too.

I must say, though, that statements such as ‘allergy tested sunscreen’  scream of psuedo-science to me, which is one of my pet hates.  It could mean that the Innoxa team have tested this on many people and found it to be low-allergenic to the majority of them, or it could mean nothing at all. Without a backup to the statement, it’s just marketing.  Another example – on the back of the package …

Yay, Neutrazen! Hey, what is that??!

What does that mean? It forms a special sheild? Or because it is a lotion it AUTOMATICALLY provides a thin, temporary, physical barrier and so they can get away with this statement? I, for one, would dearly like to know.

However, rant over! This is a lovely light lotion, it has a light scent that may be from the fruit waters, but nothing perfumed. It absorbs very quickly. My skin feels soft afterwards, so thats good! It doesn’t make a good base for make-up, but if you don’t wear foundation (as I don’t unless I’m going out in the evenings) it’s just fine.

Starts out moderately creamy (doesn't explode from the tube, yay!)

But turns into a lovely light lotion almost immediately

And, it did seem to be gentle on my skin, which has been acting sensitive lately. Sheesh, harden up, skin!! 😀 So I do like this, despite the marketing, the jury is still out whether I will get more, when this has finished, or continue on my search 🙂



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