Nail polish skittles – pastels and black glitter

I wanted to do something worthy of the L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Polish (Uninhibited) before I gave it back to my friend. So, I thought, pastel skittles! As you do. (Skittles = term for painting each nail a different colour).  Instead of my normal rainbow colours, I thought pastel would be better for the black glitter, and these were all sort of muted colours, except for the thumb – well, I don’t have that many muted pastels. Much more a bright-colour polish hoarder 😀

So… here they are.

In order, little finger to thumb (right to left on photo):

China Glaze Sea Spray, OPI Steady As She Rose, Misa Grey Matters, BYS Lilac Love, and China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint.

This was two coats of each, no top coat.

 OPI Steady As She Rose really  needed another coat. I thought the glitter would hide it – and then my son fell out of a tree so nail polishing stopped happening for a short time (he’s fine, thanks!) – so two coats was where it stayed. Sea Spray and Re-Fresh Mint and Grey Matters were beautiful to apply – Re-Fresh Mint is  a touch thick, but nothing to write home about. The BYS polish is QUITE thick, and the OPI even more so, plus streaky. Three coats and it’s gorgeous, though.

Bottle photos!

So then, once that drama had settled, one thin coat of Uninhibited (the black, non-sparkly glitter) and one of L’Oreal Quick Dry top coat. And done!

A pox on my fingers! Black glitter pox!

And here’s the whole hand. I like it over Steady As She Rose and Re-Fresh Mint the best, nicest contrast. A woman at the petrol station thought they were nail foils, so that’s a compliment!

Sadly, as I went to put the bottles away (in a hurry, late to start dinner, the glamour!) I dropped the Steady As She Rose polish bottle, and it smashed all over the tiles. No more. 😦 Such a nice colour, too! Maybe one day I’ll get another bottle. It wouldhave to  be the expensive one, of course! Sheesh! 😀


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