Hedgepigs at my place!

Sometimes my computer has a problem with WordPress. Or WordPress has a problem with my computer. But at those times, I can’t post anything – and it’s really annoying. But anyway, I thought I’d make up for my tardiness by showing a few photos of the hedgehogs that have come to visit. And if the site ever lets me load the photos, I’ll post them. Hows that?

This is why I don’t feed the cat outside anymore.. Mr Staunch here would muscle her out of the way and eat her dinner. Kinda funny, really.

Om nom

And this photo is really bad quality – extra zoom, through glass of questionable cleanliness, but it was drinking from the rain on the ground and you can see it’s tongue.

I was also lucky enough, on night, to have a David Attenborough moment and spot two hedgehogs makin’ bacon. Answered the ‘how do they?’ questions I had previously had. No photos, though, sorry – that would be wrong. 🙂


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