China Glaze: Some Like It Haute – Swatch

Here’s a couple of bad photos of China Glazes’ Some Like It Haute nail polish – which is a stunningly gorgeous polish.

in the shade 🙂 With a chunk of snowflake obsidian.

This was two coats, base and top coat. It is very thick, and very gritty but goes on so nicely, and the holographic glitter stands out beautifully in the charcoal grey base glitter. It’s another ‘Do Not Look And Drive’ polish! You can achieve a similar effect if you have any kind of holographic top coat – just put it over a glitter. Oooh Aaahhhh.

Blurry to show the sparkles!

This is what this polish reminded me of!

I always treat my children with dignity. 😉

I made this outfit for my son for my sisters wedding (he was 3 months at the time, I didn’t think he’d mind. I was wrong. He never let me put him in it. Darn.) – to make something like this, just grab some awesome material (bling bling!) and handsew it over a normal jumpsuit – make sure to allow stretch. Which I didn’t. But it looks awesome on my wall, worth losing the mummy points from people who have no sense of humour (or style hehe)


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