Kereru Effervescent Bath Salts: Summer Breeze – Review

This was a birthday present – and it’s a goodie. Kereru Natural Products are based VERY locally to our house (in the middle of our street… EARWORM), and stock quite the range of essential oil based goodies – balms and lotions and oils: oh my!  They have been doing their thing since 1988, and have their formulations down pat. Website link at the end of the post!

So, this was a gift from Mr Husband Man – I think he was subtly telling me to stress-less, as the one he chose was Summer Breeze: De-stress and Be Happy. Don’t mind if I do. Look how pretty it is!

So pretty. It doesn't change your bath water colour, though - so no danger of becoming Smurfette!

The labels of Kereru Products are all handmade / printed looking, and super cute. I love it when the thought has gone into the product, not the packaging! I must say, mine has ‘Everescent Bath Salts’ on the label.. and Editor Ami thinks that’s a bit amusing – I’m not sure if it’s fizzy; or about to break into screechy emo song. Anyway!  This smells really, really nice, and works beautifully. The essential oils used are bergamot, grapefruit, lime and geranium – so they are SERIOUS about picking your mood up. I mostly smell bergamot (grapefruit and lime blend with that so nicely so aren’t as obvious to my nose), then a geranium note which adds a lovely floral tone.

Once in the bath it does the fizz thing nicely, and then releases the oils which sit on top of the water – and do some very effective aromatherapy skin softening. Plus, unlike some other products, this aroma lingers. It’s in the bath with you for the duration, seriously nice staying power!

I would recommend checking out their website ( – and seeing what they have there. Local, super eco friendly and dedicated to their work.


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