Australis Lip Gloss: Laquered Candy

Here is last weeks impulse purchase: Australis Ultra Shine Brush-On Lip Gloss in Laquered Candy. Whew that’s a long name. If I ever make any makeup products, I think I’ll name them something like ‘Bob.” Much easier to type out.

Anyway! I bought this because it was $2. And I like the few Australis products I’ve tried, and I’m addicted (mentally, not physically!) to lipgloss. But mostly because it was $2. It’s a sheer pinkish berry shade, no sparkles, and has a cute brush applicator (as the name suggests!).

It doesn’t smell like candy to me, much more like berry jelly, sort of generic berry + sweet. Nice enough. The colour is almost non-existant on, just a wash of super shine. Its not sticky in the slightest, and it wears off really quickly, but it’s nice to have on hand for touch-ups.

Australis state on their website that they are against animal testing: ( Though, maybe its just me being cynical, but I would rather people say “we do not under any circumstances test on animals in any stage of the production of our product”… because otherwise I feel that they may be testing like someone’s evil Mother in Law, but are a bit embarrassed about it. I hope not! Honesty in advertising would be REALLY nice.


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