Found-Object Art: The easy/lazy way.

Mr Husband Man spotted an awesome piece of driftwood sculpture when we had a beach trip on the weekend. He gave it to me straight away, because he thought it looked like a mad chicken, and hey, who owns all the mad chickens? Ok, both of us, but you couldn’t prove it by most people 😛

We don’t know what it is. It looks sort of like a dried seaweed pod thing to me, but I’m not at all sure! I knew I wanted it displayed, though.

So, bring out the trusty Hot Glue Gun (thanks, neighbour N! Awesome present!), a selection of cool papers, and an old frame.

I found the paper I liked as a background, and glued it on to the backing board of the frame, then glued the mad chicken to the paper.

Framed, and WOLLA!  Art! Ish. I like it, it makes me laugh.

However.. word to the wise: check that your anchor points on the back of the frame are the right way up before gluing. Ahem.


Ah well, I’ll just use a hook instead.

HEALTH AND SAFETY WARNING! They call it a Hot Glue Gun because the glue is Hot. With a capital HOOOOOO! (the noise you make if you forget that, and touch the glue too soon for any reason). The blisters come up fast, and they hurt. 😉


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  1. That’s really cool! I love it!

    I burn myself relentlessly with my hot glue gun. I finally bought a low-temp glue gun. It doesn’t work as well with all materials, but I’ve found that with most, it’s just as good. The only thing is, you have to work fast, ’cause the glue hardens fast. But it’s worth it to save on the blisters!


    • Anything to avoid the HHHHHOOOOOO! I’ve burned myself a tiny bit a few times, then once gave myself a massive blister. Just wasn’t thinking! I’ll keep a luke-warm glue gun in mind 😀

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