Eco Store Grapefruit Dishwash Liquid – Review

So, sadly, its not all nail polish and lip gloss in my world. No, dishes have to be washed. Often. By hand, as we have no dishwasher machine. So, while nowhere near as glam as polish, jewellery or even chickens, dishwahing liquid and other cleaning items feature fairly strongly in my life. And, as I do try to be ethical, finding less chemically evil, more biodegradable and fish friendly products is quite important.

Enter Eco Store ( This company produces a range of household products that are pretty affordable, and usually very effective. This detergant / dishwash liquid is a case in point: It costs approx $4 for 500ml, and it works well. I am basing it against Down-to-Earth which looks good, works well, but may not be all that eco friendly (in fact, I think it’s just because the package rolls up…) and Earthwise which is approx the same price but doesn’t seem to work that well.

This smells like grapefruit mixed with generic citrus plus hint of floral (I’m guessing that’s because of the other ingredients like linalool etc, they ARE extracts of essential oils, but are commonly found in other oils such as lavender etc). So, nice, non-offensive smell, good cleaning power, and last well: a bottle will last over two weeks, as opposed to the Earthwise, which was a replace-weekly. The bubbles don’t last that long, but thats actually a good sign – a lot of the surfactants in detergants which bubble are sulphates, which could be quite toxic, and not water friendly.

So, all in all, a good and trusted brand – at at good price – that’ll get your dishes nice and clean. Now if only I could invent a sock puppet to do the work for me….



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  1. insearchofsuccor

    Great review. Love Eco Store, I get so many of their products now that I think I’m possibly keeping them in business single handedly 🙂

    A request – you really need to sell some cleaning sock puppets & gloves in your Felt shop!

  2. Nice. Grapefruit is my favorite scent for cleaning products. It’s so energizing!

    That was a sad, sorry puppet. =D


    • HAHAHA it really was, wasn’t it? I wanted it to look scared, instead I think its somewhere between horrified and smug. But hey, it’ll work as long as the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. I love grapefruit too .. cleaning products and in wake me up body washes!

  3. Love Ecostore. Even if Down to Earth is eco friendly..which I have my doubts about…it is simply the greenwash arm of a huge corporate that produces other toxic stuff. Better to support a company with good ethics across the board. 🙂

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