China Glaze Skyscraper: Swatch and Review

This is Skyscraper, from the Metro collection – I think it was for Autumn 2011.  This is two coats,  base coat and top coat.

I like this colour, its a dark denim blue chocker full of silver glitter. The glitter particles are quite fine so there is a fair amount of sparkle without the huge grittiness (although it isn’t smooth, but you can’t quite sand wood with it once there is a top coat on.) I find it chips moderately quickly, but it is pretty enough that I don’t care.

The dry time is very quick, especially as it is quite a thick polish – but it covers well in two coats and again, does dry fast, especially with the quick dry top coat.

And check out the awesome chicken pendant made by Nicola Hemphill! Talk about talented...

As an interesting side-note, the ‘must have’ polish from the Metro collection, for most people, seemed to be Trendsetter. I’m assuming it was because it was the most different polish from the set. However, personally, I don’t know if anyone who has had a baby in the last 5 years would wear this colour. Mustard-y yellow on fingernails =  NOT  GOOD. What’s next, meconium green? Please noooooooo!

With apologies to Edvard Munch - image from, altered by me.


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