The Lazy Guide to Dusting + Cleaning Product Recipe.

I hate dust. I’m allergic to dust. I dislike dusting. I also tend to sneeze a lot, and I don’t know why. O.o

Because I dislike dusting, and have to do it (sometimes), I have it down to a moderately fine art. (To be specific: Less fine than sculpting epic warriors from margarine; more fine than throwing paint at anything that can’t get out of the way and calling that art. Or toilet paper anything. My dusting completely annihilates toilet paper art anything.) So, in the vague hopes this helps someone else, here are some tips from me *twirls moustache*

*For a quick dust – baby wipes are GREAT. My sister V got me on to that one, and it’s brilliant. Just not on tv’s or screens – it leaves a residue. Or so I’ve heard. Ahem.

These things. Or a type thereof.

*Here’s a very cheap, eco-friendly cleaning spray recipe. You ready? Measuring cups at hand? Put them back. This is EASY. Grab a clean spray bottle, fill it with a 50/50 mix of white or cider vinegar and water. Ta DAH!

So, there’s your cleaning product – it can be used on almost anything; just don’t spray it on electronics – that would be daft. Spray it on your cloth instead, so you don’t fry anything. The vingear smells quite strong but the smell goes away quickly; you could always add a few drops of essential oils if you wanted, although that may leave some streaking on super shiny wood or glass. Or, try some lemon juice. By the way, the vinegar/water is GREAT for cleaning glass, just spray then wipe down with scrunched up newpaper.

*Here’s a photo of the two things I use to dust a whole house:

Yep, the vinegar mix, and an old (clean) sock. I don’t throw out holey socks now – they are used to dust with. If you are dusting something with a rough texture, don’t use a fuzzy sock like this one.. it leaves fluff behind. Ooops.

Because you can stick your hand in the sock, it makes it very quick to dust – just swipe and go! And you can tell where the kids have been, because the sock sticks to the furniture. So, a bit of scrubbing, and then you can go. Children – such tidy wee angels.

It's a sock! With a hand in it!

But the very best bit about the sock-glove-duster? This:

Stick an eye on it, and abracabra! It’s a slave/puppet doing your dusting for you. Work, puppet, work! Ahahahaha!!

Ahem. Anyway, there you go! I like the non-chemical cleaner, especially with having small people around. And I like being able to dust (and pretty thoroughly) my whole house in under 10 mins. I hope this helps someone, and please don’t tell the socks, or they’ll form unions and go on strike and I’ll have to go back to doing my own dusting. Cheers, and Happy Friday!


P.S – wipes image borrowed from thanks!


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  1. I didnt know about sock dusting, my god where are my old socks, I love it.

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