China Glaze: Make Some Noise Swatch

Make Some Noise – from China Glaze’s Electropop summer collection.

Ooh I love this nail polish. I shouldn’t, but I do. Last day of summer has been, and we didn’t get a summer at all this year. Seriously, I still have two duvets on my bed, and they’ve stayed on. No heat, no sun. On the plus side though, my water tank hasn’t run out – there’s always a positive spin! So I feel that this colour is a big one-finger salute to the summer we didn’t get.

(People are blaming La Nina. I’m blaming La Ninja – there was a summer, it was just too FAST for us to see.)

This colour is a just-off neon coral – in the sun it shows a true orange/pink coral, which borderline doesn’t suit my skin tone, but I love. Its so obnoxiously in-your-face. In the shade it shifts to an almost tomato red. Its a cream texture, so painting and removal is a breeze. I also find this lasts a long time on my hands, and dries nice a quickly. There’s little not to love, in other words! I’d clarify the polish finish to being a jelly/cream – it has that squishy look to it, and some visible nail line, even after 3 coats. (Photos show 3 coats plus base plus top coat)

Check out the necklace painting! By the super-talented Nicola Hemphill. I love it!

Just for fun, here I have added little plastic blingy things on my middle fingers (again, symbolically saying ‘here’s to you, Not-A-Summer!’)  😀

Mmm. Messy, rough, but sparkly.

And when that grew boring I popped a layer of that holographic top coat over it, to imitate the top coat that Electropop has in the collection (Techno).

China Glaze makes some of my favourite nail polishes. They are affordable, accessible, non animal testing and Big 3 free – and have a lot of variety of colour and finish. They have just released a new collection (Capitol Games, based on a series of books which I haven’t read), and there are about 3-4 shades I would LOVE from that. Sigh. One day! 🙂


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  1. I love that color! Red nail polish is on my top 10 list of favorite things in the world. I need to get this shade. It would be borderline wrong for my skin tone, too, but I’ll still rock it.


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