Does This Happen To Anyone Else?!

Or just me? So, to cut a long and slightly gross story short, I decided my face looked too dry and dull, and buffed it vigorously with a flannel. Very vigorously. It was one of those mornings where I just couldn’t be bothered starting… anything, so I was slouching around in my ‘nightshirt’ t-shirt, jeans, and – after the ‘skin treatment’ – a BRIGHT red face. Hair was a mess. I felt safe; no one was due over, I had nowhere to be in the near future: why not buff and moisturise, then cruise into the day in style? Oh yeah, because Electricity Meter Readers just turn up, with no advance warning. AARGH. Here’s a self-portrait of me, this morning, trying to stop my overly friendly dog from leaping on the horrified Meter Man.

Oooh yeah. Secksy. Don't hate me coz you aint me! 😀

Actually, it’s even worse than this: I was wearing a dressing gown, too.


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  1. Oh yes, I did manage to humiliate myself the last time a metre reader came to our house – and I didn’t need to leave my house to do so 😀

    Love the picture though, you’re wearing THAT T-Shirt! 😀

  2. I recognise the tshirt,yay. I too have been mortified by meter men, or rather I have mortified them tee hee

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