Plovey’s Back!

Oooh YAY! Shaggy came back, and started hanging out with the chickens. I don’t know what to do from here, whether to try and catch him and bind the wings again, or just see how it’ll go. But he survived his nights out, so hopefully he will be ok!


And he came back with ATTITUDE. Teenagers. Sigh.



He’s just hanging out in the garden now, completely free range, hunting insects. I called him for food and he came flapping over for breakfast, so that’s exciting. Ideally I’d love him to hang around a bit, go do his own thing, but come back for food every now and again. That would be awesome 🙂


Those baby days are gone so fast...


And just for fun – another photo of Shaggy as a chick, wearing his harness.


Born free... then harnessed with ribbon. The humanity!



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  1. so so pleased he came back.hugs for you

  2. Yay! I’m so glad he made it back!


  3. hi, I have one of these chicks and would like to no some tips on how to look after it, and what/how much to feed it. thanks 🙂

    • Hi Tom – the important this is not too much protein, that’s where I went wrong, and why he ended up with Angel Wing (the feathers grew so fast it twists the bone). So I was told, and he loved it, get a packet of frozen mixed veges, cook them up (I used the microwave), mulch it up with a blender or hand blender, then add a bit of cat food. About 2/3 veges, 1/3 cat food. If you see the feathers on the chicks wings look wrong, twisted, bird rescue places can bind them properly so they should grow straight, if caught soon enough. Good luck! I miss my plover 🙂

    • how much… as much as it will eat, I guess! It was only a few teaspoons when he was a little fuzzy peep, but really often (though I was doing it all wrong then), but a fair bit more as he grew. So try a bit, see what it likes! I was feeding him worms, garden bugs, mashed hard boiled eggs, and he didn’t like that, with good reason it turns out. The veges and cat food (wet food, meat, not biscuits) he did like 🙂

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