Shaggy’s run away from home :(

So… last night we discovered my plover has run away from home. We’ve noticed he’s (I don’t actually know if it’s a he or a she, but I have always thought he’s a boy bird – could be the suit and mask combo.) been escaping from the garden enclosure, but despite all our efforts we haven’t found where from. Up until last night we always found him, or he came back when I called.. but nothing. And not today, either. I’m trying not to fret, this was obviously what he wanted, but he can’t fly properly and he’s only half grown.

Like any teenager leaving home, I guess I have to focus on what I did do – I did try to fix his wings. I did feed him. I did take him into the garden with me often and showed him how to find insects to eat. I even, at one stage, rigged him up a little harness from some material and a ribbon, so he wouldn’t escape while we went a-hunting for bugs together.

Yes, I really did. It worked, but he wasn't a fan.

I hope he’s ok. I hope he survives, and thrives, and meets another androgynous plover and is happy – and if he comes back for the occasional bit of food and tells me of his adventures I’d be happier still. Be careful, Shaggy! I’ll miss you, you clown of a bird.


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  1. Good luck to Mr Plover Plover, and I hope he meets a Plover-From-Another-Mother and has many little Plovers.
    Just don’t be surprised if he’s back every 2 weeks with all his dirty laundry, and expects you to babysit his Ploverlings every weekend 🙂

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