OPI nail polish: Tease-y Does It Swatch and Review

From OPI’s Burlesque collection, I really love this colour! I find it flattering on my skin tone, deep and vampy inside or in the shade, with fiery sparkles in the sunlight.

Oooh sparkles!

The colour looks like a deep brown/red with a strong purple cast in the shade, and transforms into a brighter red brown with the reddish shimmer in the sun. In the bottle you can see a gorgeous gold/green duochrome, but sadly I’ve never seen that on my nails.

I have trouble adjusting to the OPI wide brush, hence the mess I made of this, please don’t look too closely! I do love their brushes, though.

I find this polish chips pretty quickly on me, though most do. (In the course of an average day I’ll clean, cook, feed multitudes of animals, fix fences, chop wood, type… in short, I am HARD on my nail polish. I treat my hands like tools, not jewels, because getting things done is more important to me than a perfect manicure, but I do touch up chips when I can!).

OPI… is interesting as a brand, ethically. They are Big 3 Free (free of the three nastiest chemicals), and against animal testing. However, they were bought out by Coty, a much larger corporation, who DO test on animals. I have not bought an OPI polish since I found that out, but… there is evidence to suggest I should.  PETA website states that OPI is animal friendly, despite its non-bunny-loving parent company. (http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/companies/744.aspx?SearchUrl=%2Fliving%2Fbeauty-and-personal-care%2Fcompanies%2Fsearch.aspx%3FProduct%3D9%26PageIndex%3D13) . Furthermore, PETA sent a letter to other concerned people stating that we should buy OPI –  to send the message to Coty that we are prepared to do so, and that staying cruelty-free (as OPI is) is worthwhile financially. (http://deathbypolish.wordpress.com/2011/02/12/opi-and-essie-animal-testing/). All well and good, but the money will be going straight back to Coty, will it not?? Dilemma!

And, as this is my real world, I suspect I will resolve the issue like this: I will not buy OPI products unless one comes along that I really, really like, and can afford.

Ok, ok. I never said I was a saint, ok? Just trying to muddle along… 😀


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