Nail Patch Nail Foil Wraps – Silver Skulls Review

I really felt like trying something different, so I purchased two nail foil wraps from Ebay. They were really inexpensive (just over $3 for 2 sets, including postage) so I didn’t have anything to lose. This is a metallic silver base, with tiny black skull and crossbones over it.

I have tried the Incoco nail strips before, well, once. See – THEY are expensive! $14 for one set of nail polish strips? Ouch! Mine was cheaper off Trade Me, but still. For the same amount of money I can easily get a bottle of polish – lasts me a LOT longer. The attractive aspect to the Incoco nail polish was that it did last a long time on my nail – grew out, with a bit of tip wear, rather than peeling off immediately. But I digress – meaningfully. These foil wraps are nothing like the Incoco nail polish strips, they are stickers. Funky stickers, yes, but just metallic stickers.

This bangle was sister C's, it's hinged and has lizards on it. Always reminds me of her!

You can probably see that they don’t want to go on all that smoothly, either. Although I put that down to User Error  (I can’t put clear seal on books properly, either!), I didnt blame myself completely for how hard these were to file off at the ends. So, on the plus side, these looked great from arms length away. I loved the bling factor! Some lovely lady admired them, then asked if I had painted them myself. Oh how I laughed. No… no… I could not do that, even if I knew a polish that had that finish. They were easy enough to apply – the glue wasn’t so sticky that I couldn’t reapply the two I put on wonky, so that’s good. They were seriously cheap. They were a really fun design, something I couldn’t do. They also didn’t stink like nail polish does, so I could put them on, inside, at night, watching tv. I KNOW. Wow, right? 😀 (I am quite conscious of the chemicals I use around the kids, including nail polish!)

But.. cons. Here, check another photo out.


Some seriously terrible application, plus they peeled at the ends immediately! I didn’t put the advised top coat on, because I would have needed something like resin to be thick enough to stick that down. The bumps were weird (user error blamed on those), but the jagged edges felt like I had cut my nails with a stanley blade to shorten them (yes, I’ve done that. Haven’t you?!) and not bothered to file them. Yuck. It also felt unhygenic having flappy bits at the end of the nail for greebs to hide under. So, they didn’t last very long on me. less than 24 hours. The other issue for me was the sizing – 16 nails, one too skinny for my littlest nails, one too big by far, but I managed to make them work. They do have to fit a range of people, but depending on nail size, you may have to trim some down to size to make it work.

Overall? I think they would be great for a special occasion: dinner out, holiday, party or dress up event. A lot of fun, for very little money. They took me quite a while to get on my hands too, so don’t leave it till the last minute! There are a lot of different ones for sale on Ebay or Trade Me, almost anything for almost anyone.  I enjoyed the experimenting, and I still have another packet (with spiderwebs!) that I will save for a special fun occasion. 🙂


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