Ethique Elements Eyeshadow: Chocolate Lime review

Elements by Ethique are mineral makeup products created by a lovely team in Christchurch, and let’s face it –anyone working in Christchurch needs all the support and kudos they can get! Ethique are against animal testing, and a very ethical company. I also like supporting New Zealand made products where possible, and it’s no hardshipin this case.

Here is Chocolate Lime – a stunningly gorgeous loose eyeshadow powder – I’d call it olive with extras! There is gold shimmer! There is red shimmer! If the green was brighter it’d be Christmas in a shadow, and we’d be sad because we could only wear it in December. As it is, all year round, baby. It is quite highly pigmented, but it can be used as just a sheer wash, too. Very versatile.

I do find that I need a base or primer with these – one year I’ll be able to justify buying a eye primer, until then I’ll just wistfully wish, and stand ready to blend in any rampaging pigment that wants to take up permanent residency in my creases. Used with a bit of water it makes an exceptional eyeliner, which doesn’t budge at all.

Prices are $18 per shadow (5 grams) – and I believe they are pressing all their shadows now, so there’s more in them! Postage is about $8 for the full size items (cheaper for samples – try their samples. Seriously. They are GOOD). In the past I have found that postage can take quite some time – however, as intimated above, there have been many, many good reasons for this. The latest item I got from them was delivered the next day. I don’t know how that happened, that’s seriously, spookily fast.

You can purchase their products here (, and they are also on Facebook –!/ethiquenz .

Ethique is in the process of changing their product line solely to mineral makeup – and while myself and many others will mourn the loss of their face and body products, they do stunning makeup. I also believe a name change will be in their future, so watch that space  🙂

Looking forward to seeing what their new chapter brings. Good luck, Artists Formerly Known As Ethique!


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