Misa Grey Matter + holo top coat swatch

Because I have the attention span of a lobotomised goldfish, and because I am so hard on my hands, I almost never have the same nail polish on for more than a day. Yesterday I had the Misa Grey Matters on – and wow, I do love the staying power of this polish. Almost all of my other polishes chip within the hour, and by the next day need to be removed and restarted; but not this one! This one just has some tip-wear. I can live with that. So… back to the short polish attention span… I decided to bling it up a bit.

Behold: Misa Grey Matters, as yesterday, with a holographic top coat.

And another coat of the L’Oreal Quick Dry.. I still have two pre-schoolers, so time is ALWAYS an issue. I would love to say what the holo coat is, but it’s in Japanese, and my high school Japanese classes were a looooonnnggg time ago (and never covered polish appropriate words such as butyle acetate:D ). Mr My Husband Man bought this for me from the IPC Spring Sale last year – yet another reason we are still happily married. (IPC = International Pacific College – fantastic tertiary institute in Palmerston North, catering to international students. The graduating students have a garage-type sale before they go off on their incredible adventures.) So, annoyingly,  I can’t tell you what it is, or where to get it, but it’s a beauty! Adds the fire and colour to anything you put it over – you wouldn’t weat it on its own though, unless you wanted nails 10 cm high. Sparse tiny and medium sized silver holographic glitter in a clear base. You could duplicate this easily enough – $2 shops often have holo top coats, China Glaze Techno springs to mind (not a dupe, but similar in style!). I like secondhand things though, and supporting local people!

Heres another photo! You can click on them to make them bigger, should you so desire.


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  1. very pretty nail polish, almost makes me want to grow my nails for.

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