Guess who’s sneaking up behind my house?

A Pukeko!

I like Pukeko’s (Swamp Hens, if you’re Australian). They may be noisy, but they are very pretty, and have a really interesting social structure. I rescued a baby one that had been hit by a car, and the adults were all trying to protect it, it was very sad. (Last I heard, pukeko was recovering slowly at the Bird Sanctuary by Whanganui thanks to the TLC of the amazing work those two ladies do. Seriously, they are wonder women).

It’s a lovely thing to look out your kitchen window and see a native bird just outside! Even better when they are eating the weeds. Eat little fella, eat. Theres PLENTY more where that came from.


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  1. I had one in my paddock today too, just by the water bowl. The babies saw me come out though and took off! Funny birds.

  2. They are the scrappiest birds ever, if 2 of them get into a fight ( which is often) the rest wil scream in from everywhere and then there will be a free for all. And their shrieks are terrifying, I always found it sad that the hawks have this pitiful peep whereas the Pukekos have a scream, it should be the other way around.

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