Anti-Cold Lemon Honey Drink

I’m sick. Head cold, mostly. Runny nose, sore throat, sore ears, huge amounts of self-pity. If I was a man I’d be convinced I was dying: as I’m not it’s on with life as normal, just with more self-pity. So, being now sick of the pain and pity, I’ve made some lemon and honey drink, and thought I’d share it with anyone else who is brave enough to make their own. Hey, its cheaper, its better, it works pretty well! The lemons come from my mother’s lemon tree, I’m trying to grown my own from seed, but so far no luck.

So, heres what I did for a really quick and healthy lemon drink. Take one medium sized pot, sugar, manuka honey (or any honey. Manuka is just better, apparantly), stirring spoon, jug which has boiling water (or just off boiling) in it. Put some sugar in the pot, some honey, add the water, stir until the honey & sugar has disappeared. Add any herbs or spices you want to here – I used Cayenne Pepper and Nutmeg. (Both are warming and immune stimulating. Nutmeg is also reputed to be a mild hallucenogic – way to get your head out of a headcold! But seriously, don’t. DON’T use it for that, mmkay kids?).

Now add an equal volume of cold water, to drop the temperature down – if you cook lemon juice you’ll boil off all the Vitamin L. Sorry, Vitamin C. What am I thinking? Only lettuce has vitamin L.

Cut up the lemons, squeeeeze.

I don’t worry about the pips because I put a strainer in the funnel so they don’t go into the drink when I bottle it.

And done! One mean looking drink.

If this doesn’t scare your cold virusii to death, I don’t know what will. How does it taste? A bit like it looks – I’m not a fan of Manuka honey (shhh, I know, its illegal not to like it. But I don’t. This huge tub is about 8 years old, a gift, and I only ever use it when I’m sick. Completely organic, he owned all his bees, great stuff… but, blegh, medicine! hehehe). However, it does seem to work! My nose is clearer, my throat less sore, I didn’t put in too much Cayenne this time, thank goodness. It isn’t a cure, it’s symptom control, but it feels like what I need, so am happy about that! And thanks, Sister C, for the idea!


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  1. I dont like the honey drink either, far too sweet and sickly, but it does work.

  2. I definitely need this recipe. My butt is being kicked by a little cold germ. Ugh. Thanks for posting it!


    • Oh no! I hope you get better soon, Charlie! You can adjust this however you like – the hard part is remembering to make drinks for yourself when you are sick. Odd how its so easy to look after others, but not ourselves.

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