Just a quick cute photo!

I wandered out to the living room yesterday, and lo, what did I see? My boys seem to have adopted one of my Orpington pullets as a pet – so there was the eldest, L (he’s 4.5 years old) with Beetle – the chicken – in his lap. His brother, R (2.5), was next next to him on the couch, all three couch dwellers were watching a DVD. Had to take a photo, talk about cute!

I have 7 Orpington chickens now, and so far they’re my hands down favourite breed. This one, and her sister, are about 3 months old, so really quite young and big already. But they’re so incredibly calm and friendly, I am sure they think they are dogs!

I love my chickens. Sometimes they cause me incredible stress, but they are lovely to watch, really interesting animals with very different personalities. At last count I had 52 chooks, but… well, I didnt mean to, I just didn’t factor Spring into account, and ALL my hens going broody. So, once the chicks are big enough that I can tell which gender they are, I’ll keep some,  sell some,  give  some away (or eat some, ahem, but I am such an animal lover that I don’t know if I can!). I am finally getting eggs from them again, not many, but better than none! What a learning curve this chicken owning is.


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  1. how incredibly cute, and what a monster, I want one.

  2. So adorable! 😀

  3. I love!!! I was thinking this might be the breed for me (if I do get chooks – am still deciding). Love that the boys can cuddle them. So big a fluffy love it.

    • This one’s still a baby – got quite a bit of growing to do. I highly recommend the Orps, and get them! Get 3! (they need company). They are so quiet and friendly and cute, lay during winter, and are stunning to look at. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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